Why titanium sheet may cause a defect in the rolling process?

Titanium sheet

Titanium sheet is extremely important lightweight construction material, with the development of economy and technology, there has been more and more applications of titanium sheet, but the corresponding quality problems from its surface becomes more prominent, titanium and surface reaction layer The main factors affecting the physical and chemical properties of titanium workpieces, before processing, must achieve complete removal of surface contamination layer and the defect layer.Why titanium sheet may cause a defect in the rolling process?

Titanium sheet surface defects are defects of conventional and unconventional defect two categories.

Unconventional defects:
1, Table split
Reason: incoming unqualified, surface crack is not cleaned or incoming suction surface of the brittle layer is not clear, additional draft schedule unreasonable, small pass processing rate, passes too much, or pass processing rate distribution inequality.
Measures: strict control of incoming surface quality, a reasonable allocation of pass processing rate, to ensure that the slab annealing temperature uniformity, enhanced rolling lubrication.
2, acid spot
The reason: one is pickling, the residual acid is not clean, dry sheet form. One is when a stack of sheet annealing, surface oxidation uneven surface extent of corrosion caused by inconsistent after pickling.
Action: pickling must clean sheet surface to ensure no residual acid and then drying; reduce stacking thickness to ensure uniform sheet annealing; sanding process can also be used to save the post-processing.
Conventional defects:
1, scratched
Cause: The guides, roller, tools, and roll is not smooth, have adhered or angular burr, rolling scratch the surface; not careful when operating, so that the collision scratch the surface is formed.
Measures: Before rolling a good tool to check the guides, roller and roll, etc., identify problems and timely removal; careful operation, do not Luanla rattling.
2, the metal is pressed into matter
Reason: rolled edge burrs and tail dregs are pressed into the product surface.
Action: timely elimination of the slab edge burrs and surface foreign matter. Lobed rim, crack head promptly cut off.
3, non-metallic material is pressed into
The reason: poor sanitation, dust falls on the rolling surface foreign matter; after pickling, cleaning is not clean.
Measures to: improve health, timely removal of the rolling surface adhesion properties.
4, roller marks
Reason: the roll surface wear serious, pits, pitted, scratched and so on; the roll surface is pushed out pit board angle.
Measures: Discovery roller marks, to repair or replace the grinding rolls.
5, pits pock
Reason: Pressure orthopedic annealing, plate or pad surface dust foreign objects.
Action: into the blast furnace and the timely removal of the platen surface of the pad.

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