Why Pick Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands?

Strong, enduring, and mighty-these are the meanings behind the Titanium, the 22nd metal listed in the periodic table of elements. Its name is derived from the Greek word “titans,” which is used to refer to the ancient gods and goddesses that controlled the events of the natural world. This is no small definition for a metal that littered much of the earth’s crust and lithosphere, as well as in most of its inhabitants, rock formations, soft landmasses, and bodies of water.

Since its discovery in 1791, Titanium sheet has found its way into the heart of several industries, to include steel, automobile, and aerospace. It has many known applications, particularly in manufacturing lightweight stainless steel for making car parts, mobile phones, and even everyday household items. This process of combining titanium grades with steel reduces the amount of carbon and the grain size. In its powdered form, titanium also is sometimes used in producing the brightest lights during a fireworks show.

The uses of this transition metal have been popularized these days, to include men’s titanium wedding bands. Indeed, these rings are gaining credence in terms of demand, because of its novelty and stronger symbolisms as aforementioned. Couples are finding more jewelry stores offering titanium wedding bands in the last decade, and more are getting into the bandwagon. During the wake of titanium bands, it is quite difficult to get them. Thankfully though, the Internet has made it possible for people to make online purchases with trusted sites.

The titanium wedding bands are also great alternatives for men who suffer rare allergic reactions with the conventional rings that are made of gold. Besides, titanium is 60% more dense than aluminum plate , which means that the ring is as lightweight as it can be, a benefit that men with voluptuous fingers will surely appreciate. Titanium is also non-corrosive and has low conductivity, which makes it safer to use around and will rarely react with saline contents of perspiring fingers.

The design options for titanium wedding rings have evolved from the classic profile design without engravings-by far, the most popular. The next popular styles are either edged or beveled. Others prefer simple accentuation’s by going for rings with engraved stripes. Some jewel smiths, however, have produced beautiful titanium rings with inlays of hardwood, precious stones, and other minerals. Certain versions are carved with elaborate designs, and are even customized with details as dictated by the clients.

Men’s titanium wedding bands are primarily bright silver in color. When alloyed with other metals, titanium rings can sport a different color or shade. The prices, on the other hand, are a whole lot less than the traditional gold wedding rings, the best benefit that any couple can derive from titanium counterparts. Besides, titanium is quite lustrous and the brightness of the ring stays far longer, which is reflective of the commitment involved in tying the knot. It is not surprising to see more couples choosing titanium wedding band in the future.

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