why pattern aluminum appears bleaching

Some construction units to deceive the owners to indoor plate posing aging, corrosion-resistant high-quality fluorocarbon plate, get unreasonable profit, thus forming aluminum used on the project presented serious discoloration, discoloration.


As we all know about pattern aluminum¬†, when purchase pattern aluminum, we often see discoloration,bleaching, how did it happened ? Let’s Technical department to explain it. Striped aluminum discoloration, bleaching, mainly because of the formation of the plate inappropriate choice.


Aluminum plate with a plate divided into indoor and outdoor panels, outer coating two plates are not the same, determines its application is not the same situation. Interior plate used, and its appearance is usually sprayed resin coating, this coating habit not outdoor harsh natural environment, if used in outdoor, nature will accelerate the aging process, causing the appearance of discoloration decolorization outdoor outer coating aluminum composite panel is usually used anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet light to strong bomb grease coated polyvinyl fluoride layer, the price of this sheet is expensive.


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