why do you still drink beverages from aluminum cans?


So, Josh, I hear that in your battle against epilepsy, you have searched for natural cures and decided that the best place to start is by changing your nutritional lifestyle. In that change you say it is important for people with nerve problems to lower their intake of aluminum; but you have chosen to still drink beverages from aluminum cans even though you won’t cook with aluminum foil or 6061 aluminum pipe pots and pans.

That’s right Herb. It sounds strange I know; but let me share with you some of my reasoning. First of all, aluminum foil has baked itself on to the top of my roast chicken almost every time I bake one. I have the same problem with turkeys and sometimes casseroles and so forth. When that happens there are tiny pieces of foil that break of and get embedded into the yummy crust of the meat. Though the foil itself may not be bad in touching the food; I always get sense of concern about the small pieces that get into the food and start reacting with my stomach acids after I eat the food.

When it comes to aluminum pots and pans, they are heated up and then scraped by whatever utensils are being used to stir the soup or sauce or noodles. The scraping does ware the pans down over time and I imagine that the parts that have worn down must have gone somewhere; most likely into my food and then my brain.

Tomatoes have an abnormally strong acidity; so I don’t drink anything from aluminum if it contains tomatoes. All other beverages I am not too worried about because they do not get heated up and they do not break apart into my food and they do not get scraped into whatever it is I am drinking.

It is almost impossible to isolate yourself completely away from everything that is harmful. Having a disability can ruin your quality of life, but if you go too far out to try to cure the disease, then you can ruin the quality of your life because of all the worry and stress from over-cautiousness.

That is one of the main reasons that I supplement my diet with certain nutrients. Many nutrients can be taken in less than a minute in the morning and can counteract the damage or side effects from medications or other harmful substances that I encounter throughout the day like aluminum pipe

Still, I must warn you, supplements can only do so much; so you still need to help it out with as many lifestyle changes as you can. Herbs won’t cure everything but they really do work and can certainly help in many ways.

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