what’s requirement for improve aluminum pipe testing .

Aluminum Alloys
The quality finished surface of the aluminum pipe is closely related with aluminum sell quantity ,  Improve product quality to get more market share, it is a top priority for every enterprise should consider. So what are the basic requirements for improving detection tubes have finished?
(1) The aluminum plate has a stepped lateral discharge tube rack sliding force action on the multi-tube arm only take one along a shorter, 316 stainless steel plate to improve the situation by force Managed arm root, lighter weight equipment .
(2) serial and parallel transfer mode, in a working cycle of the two tubes are available to complete a single tube and multi-tube space transporter to take a transport operation.
(3) the frictional force short trip, hosting low power consumption, long life, with significant energy savings, the greater the hosting transit travel, the more the number of rows of tubes, energy-saving effect is more obvious.
(4) single-tube space transport tube transport safe and reliable.
(5) is near completion in the managed hosting stroke end multi-function tube to take a load step increase occurs, which is hosting the end of the drive cylinder and speed have a buffering effect, help to extend cylinder life, improve trusteeship and take tube quality, maintaining order and exhaust pipes reducing the environmental noise production plant rack subsequent feeding aluminum tube.

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