What conditions are more suitable for aluminum sheet storage?

First, to ensure storage environment must be in a ventilated, dry environment storage, known to belong to the non-ferrous metal aluminum sheet, will produce oxidation reflect the future, if in contact with water, so it destroyed the surface, resulting in surface quality is affected, so a drying The environment is the basic condition for storing aluminum sheet.

Sealing performance package, usually aluminum sheet at the factory will take waterproof packaging, packaging that has the preservative, it is recommended that users do not destroy the packaging, the package is suitable for long-term storage use. If you have certain conditions, then you can talk after use The aluminum sheet was also true of the packaging.

aluminum sheet is mainly used in metal wall side, and therefore the metal walls of the aluminum sheet curtain has accounted for a dominant position in the metal walls, light, reducing the load of the building, high-rise building offers a good selection conditions; waterproof, anti-pollution, anti- excellent corrosion resistance, to ensure that the building exterior surface lasting Changxin; processing, transportation, installation and construction are all relatively easy to implement, its widely used to provide strong support; diversity of colors can be combined and processed into different external shape, expand architects design space; high performance and low cost, easy to maintain, with a long service life, fully meet the market requirements and therefore, the aluminum sheet curtain wall as an architectural form high-impact, fully received by the marketing recognition.

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