United States raised some Chinese extruded aluminum products import tariffs

thick aluminum sheet

According to New York on December 9 news, the US Commerce Department released a document on the website show that imports from China increase 38 companies part of the import duty extruded aluminum products, raised to 61.35% from 9.67% before.Washington Oct. 8 news, Alcoa announced quarterly earnings below expectations, involvement in the aluminum and other commodity prices fell, and unfavorable exchange rates.

“The biggest challenge is the commodity price pressure, and exchange rate fluctuations,” Alcoa CEO Kleinfeld (Klaus Kleinfeld) representation.

Alcoa will supply 2015 global aluminum surplus forecast from 762,000 tons in the second quarter forecast lowered 551,000 tons.

The company believes that 2016 aluminum market supply gap will occur, but did not specify the shortfall.

“Value-added business, for us, China‘s role is not so important. Most of our business in North America, Europe and the developed countries,” Rumsfeld said Laing.

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