Trump plans to buy Chinese steel and aluminum products

In the metals industry ,China and America always has been contradictory , America unilateral fault to china steel refers to excess capacity and Environmental pollution.for a long time ,the United States has been take of “anti-dumping case antitrust”under the banner of china’s steel and aluminum exports.

“There is no doubt that china’s market reforms did not meet the expectations of WTO members before china accession to the WTO  ” said from Wilson,a US diplomat in trade affairs. Obviously ,China’s ubiquitous intervention in these industries has led to a serious global supply capacity surplus.

Trump has publicly said that one of his campaign theme is “to drive employment for the United States”. In this election, Trump’s attitude to china has always been aggressive .

While Trump claimed to reawaken US employment ,many of his own production lines were located overseas: his furniture production line was in Turkey and the Tie production line .was located in China, When Trump clashes as a politician and as a businessman, you should be guess which side he will be closer ?

The Chinese people congratulate to you ! Trump !

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