Titanium sheet metal is larger scale used for Taipei Municipal Stadium’s roofing and facades

Recalling the past decade, construction projects in Taiwan, metal roofing and facades of curtain material are commonly used, generally no more than aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper and other metal materials.

However, Taiwan’s larger scale use of titanium sheet metal roofing and facades Curtain case, but it is only a handful. Until July 30, 2013, but only completed in August 2005 Nanjing East Road in Taipei using Dunhua North junction of the first phase of the Taipei Municipal Stadium multifunctional stadium roof project.

The materials used in buildings comes from, and Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation uses 0.3mm + 3.4mmFR + 0.3mm stainless steel combination of 4mm titanium composite plate (TCM), etc. The amount of approximately 7,073m2.

Main Building roof using 0.6mm titanium plates, roof cornices end use 1.5mm titanium plate

Main hall four weeks of 4mm titanium composite panels

Main Building scale sidewall in a 4mm titanium composite panels

Window exhaust spacers 4mm scale mining titanium composite board

Deputy Hall on both sides using 4mm titanium composite panels

Deputy Hall front and pack column with 4mm titanium composite panels


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