Titanium metal plate is used for the building materials

In building materials, the use of titanium metal, which is used in construction as early on should belong to Japan, for coastal areas or have severe Corrosive environment (hot spring area), permanent buildings (museums, shrines, temples) and so on. But titanium metal building materials is Spain Guggenheim Museum Bilbao extensive use of titanium metal plate building around 1990 in the post, so that titanium building materials by the attention, and then gradually use.

     Spain Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Golden Pavilion Temple often foot pavilion was completed in 2003

With about 100m2 titanium plate using AD03 weight 500Kg

Japan’s Fuji TV sphere Observatory was completed in 1996

With about 2,800m2 use ND10 titanium plate weight 14 tons

China National Grand Theatre was completed in 2007

Use ND20 weight titanium metal plate with about 43,000m2 65 tons

Taipei Municipal Stadium the first phase of multi-functional stadium was completed in 2005 with about 20,038m2 use ND20 titanium plate weight 50 tons


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