Titanium and other magnesium aluminum alloy is the most promising future areas of new materials

During the second five, China will focus on the development of high-strength light alloy materials. The goal of the project is 2015, key product development of new alloys made a major breakthrough in the formation of high-end aluminum alloy 300,000 tons, 20,000 tons of high-end titanium alloy materials, high-strength magnesium alloy die-casting and profiles and sheet production capacity of 150,000 tons . 2014, is to achieve high-strength light alloy sprint in the project objectives, its achievements sprint worth the wait.

Titanium is an occupied an important position in modern high-end weapons light alloys.

According to statistics, China in recent years production of military aircraft airframe and engine together accounting for up to 25% by mass of titanium, titanium alloys and F-22 proportion is as high as 41%. Titanium metal due to its high strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic and other superior performance, are widely used in the aerospace, chemical, oil, electricity and so on.

In addition to titanium, lightweight alloy also include aluminum and magnesium alloys. Aluminum use the older, higher popularity and now, in cars, ships and other fields often.

The magnesium alloys are among the lightest practical metal quality, it is one of the most important new vehicle to achieve lightweight materials.

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