Tips to keep the bright of aluminum alloy doors and windows

aluminum alloy doors and windows

A good addition to aluminum alloy windows and doors, material is good or bad, the most important thing is to maintain the usual cleaning, a few simple tips can make the doors and windows to keep it new.

1, sealing tops and glass, plastic is to ensure that bridge aluminum doors and windows sealed, waterproof insulation and key, if off to be repaired, replaced.

2, When cleaning bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, do not step on an aluminum frame, we can not pull framework for support.

3, after the rain, glass and door frames should be raindrops, special attention chute water. Chute with a long time, increasing friction, can add a little oil or wax coated with fire.

4, always check the bridge aluminum door frame wall junction, falling loose easily if the overall deformation of the frame, so that doors can not be closed and sealed. So loose screw connections manufacturer of aluminum alloy windows and doors should be established that is fastened, such as screws loose footing, apply a small amount of epoxy cement sealing tune superglue.

5, bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows during use, should nudge gently pull, push comes naturally; do not force found difficult, bridge aluminum doors and windows should be troubleshooting. Fouling, deformation is the main difficulty sliding aluminum alloy  doors and windows, door frames to keep clean, especially clean sliding groove. Available vacuumed tank tops and door seal fouling.

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