Three new member companies join the Aluminum Association


The Aluminum Association announced the new member companies to join our group heiche surface technology; Phinix, LLC; Walter surface technologies. These companies are joined to the Associate Companies, the supply of North American aluminum sheet industry and goods and services company.

A new member of the increase came to an ongoing demand for growth of al. According to recent data from the Aluminum Association, the North American 3003 aluminum sheet industry in 25500000000, at 2014, the most 2006 pounds of aluminum shipments estimated. Compared with the new data show that the demand for 3.1% years increased to 2015 in April. From the 2009 baseline, the United States and Canada’s metal demand increased by nearly 40%.

“We are very pleased to welcome these new member companies,” said Heidi Block, President and CEO of al. “Our colleagues have brought a unique perspective to our work to help us serve a wider range of industries.”

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