This year china aluminum market sales dismal

Aluminum prices

Went to the end of the year, companies are busy counting and other financial reconciliation. Statistics Center also appear each respective situation. According to related statistics, this year than last year aluminum pipe big performance.

Aluminum Institute data show that in the first nine months, the aluminum corporate average operating rate was significantly lower than the previous two years, mainly due to the domestic construction with aluminum dropped significantly, although the transportation, electronics with aluminum demand is relatively optimistic. In addition, aluminum exports subject to anti-dumping influence is also obvious, aluminum EU ten domestic enterprises to do the anti-dumping investigation, most companies choose to go now aluminum Southeast Asia, North America to expand into new markets.

The second segment, accounting for 40% of the consumption of aluminum ingots aspects into aluminum building profiles and industrial profiles, tubes due to be completed this year, the growth rate of real estate marked decline in the growth rate down production for air conditioning, aluminum consumption very significantly affected .

The third section 2024 aluminum tubing cable connection, in May this year, the National Energy Bureau 0.6 kV to 1 kV aluminum cables national standards, tubes but far from SMM research information point of view, does not appear significant aluminum and copper phenomenon. The reason is not because of aluminum wire aluminum processing enterprises do not have the technical ability, but from the constraints of end markets, including the real estate market and consumer habits.

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