Thick-walled aluminum tubes brief advantage over other products


Thick-walled 2024 aluminum pipe as a metallic pigment that allows paint to produce Unlike other thick-walled tubes, which do briefly discusses some of the techniques to use in the process. Thick-walled tubes in order to achieve special effects satisfactory, aluminum paste must fully dispersed in the coating system, the coating should form a uniform state, there are no fines. aluminum flake easily bent and broken, it should go through a high speed stirring or other series Liejia workers, whose geometry can easily be destroyed in the paint production process, resulting in coarse, dark color, cover is reduced, and metal wavering other undesirable phenomena. and therefore should not use high shear dispersing means, such as aluminum, alloys add less, usually a small amount of iron, silicon alloys.
f course, the 7075 aluminum pipe content of more than 99%. (Must be added to make certain aluminum alloys have a certain hardness), in the application, the high aluminum content of product applications (a good conductive properties of aluminum) low levels of other origin according to different applications in different industries in electronics, electrical conductivity aspects . Representative products: 1060 aluminum. 1050 aluminum. Thick-walled tubes with pre decentralized manner: first select an appropriate solvent or a mixture of several solvents to aluminum paste to solvent ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 2 ratio, the solvent is added to aluminum paste was slowly stirred to uniform (about 10-20 minutes).
In the system added to the base material. Usually used in the production of aluminum paste with solvent previously soaked for 30 minutes and then slowly stirred row.
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