The processing of titanium composite panels

Processing methods like aluminum composite panels processed form, only because titanium is a titanium metal plate as the surface material, intermediate material to the core material, the substrate can be taken or titanium composite made of stainless steel and other metal composite plate.

Aluminum composite panels are on both sides, aluminum. But its combination of materials titanium composite patterns, each vary, this section shall carry multi-line study was to investigate the user. Taipei Municipal Stadium, but new construction of the first phase of the multi-purpose sports complex patterns is the surface material is titanium, stainless steel back is the Department of Mining. Such a combination of modes of titanium composite board has yet to produce material deformation, thermal expansion and contraction will cause the titanium core material separation. The current local buildings, with the use of performance, system to 4mm titanium composite panels, the combination patterns is a schematic diagram below.


Currently many processors, but precision machining equipment and processing firms have advantages and disadvantages of factors, so when you choose providers, sit their overall needs. Titanium composite board processing form, with aluminum composite panels processed form, but the titanium composite plate stainless steel backing plate material, the use of aluminum composite panels general machine planing board machine, planer will cause damage, but the use of planer, first eliminating stainless steel to 110, milling in addition to the core material to titanium metal timber about from (core thickness) 0.1mm ~ 0.2mm. Or use the V-CUT, CNC, Thicknessing machines and other machine equipment, related operations processing and shaping the subsequent milling in addition to reinforcing backing sheet folded cover parts of the main text of the review based on the structure.

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