The future growth of titanium is hopeful to International Titanium Association

International Titanium Association

According to the  website information, the 31st session of the US International Titanium exhibition will be held in Orlando, Florida, October 4th, 2015.

The conference was organized by the United States International Titanium Association. American International Titanium Association was founded in 1984, a non-profit organization comprised of more than 200 organizations and 1500 individuals from around the world together to form, aimed at the public and provide technical and marketing assistance to member organizations linked.

It is reported that nearly 10 years, with the growth of international supply chains in the range of titanium and complexity, the number of meetings attended by Titanium series also will be doubled.

International Titanium Association introduced to the 2015 American International Titanium exhibition will have nearly 1,000 delegates from over 30 countries attended. The meeting will enable the titanium manufacturer, original equipment manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers and provides products and services for the titanium stakeholders suppliers a better understanding of the industry status quo and offer unique efficient and high-value interpersonal networking opportunities.

International Titanium Association analyzed, the global titanium industry is expected to be in 2015 – a 3% compound annual growth rate in 2020. With the needs of different industries for high strength and lightweight materials is growing, demand for titanium products also increased. Opportunity to electricity, health care, chemical and aerospace growth may create demand for the titanium industry in the global range. The aerospace industry is expected to become the largest market of titanium industry. International Titanium Association optimistic that, with the use of carbon fiber composite materials compatible with titanium continue the rapid growth of the aerospace industry will increase demand for titanium.

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