The details of titanium metal plate processing

In the form of titanium metal plate processing with titanium composite board processing it is different. In simple terms, titanium metal wood processing similar to aluminum or stainless steel plate. The process is substantially identical thereto, except the condition of the welding factors vary, titanium metal has environmental constraints (such as an inert gas atmosphere) and welding consumables and equipment also must consider which may refer to AWS D1. 9 / D1 at welding. 9M-2007, Structural Welding Code – Titanium.

To understand 0.6mm titanium material plus performance, had its pre-construction materials for the manufacture Cardcase appearance,to confirm its size workability and bending effects. In this the article may be processing methods buildings, probably can be used, except sit whether the material and machinery equipment size can match. Of course, materials processing costs should remain cautious in the selection by the firms themselves, control costs, quality and quantity of material loss.


General material construction, renovation facades, surfaces processed form, CNC turret punch computer, cutting appearance and bending area, and then to hydraulic folding bed to its appearance, according to the structure required to configure backing aggregate structural support. Order processing, as outlined below:

1. because the material is 0.6mm softer, before reclaiming should be noted that folds and deformation.


2. hydraulic shears, cut to expand the size.
3. based processing diagram specifications and dimensions, write CNC programs to CNC computer punch, cropped. (CNC is taken CNC sheet metal processing machinery and equipment, in the complex metal plate material, writing programs via a system of Or adopt CAD / CAM and other software with the machine, the graphics into CNC used material can be completed in a short time Processing, there are other general traditional punch processing methods, as well as mold, transfer mold of time and cost, in gold. It is an increase in the popularity of the industry uses, saving manpower, improve yield and stability of quality characteristics.)


4. material placed on the CNC, carried out punching operations.


5. In hydraulic folding bed hemming forming material.


6. sheet forming.


7. Appearance processing is completed, lined aggregate according to the configuration of the backing pressure aggregate and renovation thereof.


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