The big change of China titanium industry technology development

Titanium Industry Technology face a major development: Cooling bed furnace melting technology

Titanium Industry Technology

It is divided into an electron beam cold hearth melting and plasma beam cold hearth melting, the former applies to the typical titanium ingots and titanium ingot, such as Ti6Al4V smelting. The latter is suitable for smelting complex titanium alloy components.


1. raw materials can take many forms, without preparing the electrode, reducing the process. can use a lot of raw material economy, the proportion of the residual material add up to 100% recycling of resources;

3.can effectively remove volatile impurities and high-density and low-density inclusions inclusions, improve the fatigue performance of titanium alloy;

4.we can produce ingots, flat ingots and hollow spindle.

Compared with the international advanced level, the cooling bed furnace smelting of titanium and titanium alloy has just started. Therefore, for our country, in the introduction of foreign advanced smelting equipment, response equipment cooling bed furnace to be more concern and attention. At the same time, actively carry out research of titanium and titanium alloy cooling bed furnace smelting technology.

1, to carry out basic research cold hearth melting technology.

2, to carry out a cold hearth melting titanium alloy research and technology, to find out the raw material – process parameters – the relationship between the quality of titanium ingots, and gradually form a relational database, establish and improve the technology file.

3, cold hearth melting of titanium and titanium alloy ingot production, to carry out the organization and performance of research intensive and conventional vacuum consumable melting titanium, comparative analysis of the cold hearth melting titanium applicability to engineering assessment.

4, the direct use of cold hearth melting of titanium ingots flat, trial and applied research carried out with the titanium sheet industry.


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