The BadAirDay And EN1090 Awareness Days

The value to industry of the welding and cutting process is considerable. It enables complex structures and irregular fabrications to be formed and provides the necessary flexibility to enable many innovative products to be delivered. By its very nature the welding and cutting process creates fume. The fume given off from a welding arc or gas cutting torch, which can contain both harmful gases and particulates. It is important that process operators are made aware and protected from this risk. The AWD seminar presentations will provide you with the knowledge on how these risks can be avoided and the type of protection levels that are available.

The AWD seminar presentations will also offer you the chance to get up to speed with the new European norm standard EN1090 which has been in effect since 1st July 2014, requiring all structural fabricators to ensure that their processes of manufacturing is to a quality-management system or CE approved by a third party notified body. Within the standard, the role of the Responsible Welding Coordinator is of paramount importance in overseeing the procedure, personnel, materials and equipment operation.

Employees and employers will find these seminars helpful in deciding the correct type of product to protect their health and the importance and requirements of EN1090.

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