Stainless Steel Pipe and Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe


Stainless steel pipe is divided into two series: decorative stainless steel pipe(stainless steel pipe) and industrial stainless steel pipe.

Decorative stainless steel pipe(stainless steel pipe(SS)): ordinarily outside the wall will be bright tube, hence the name of pondering, stainless steel pipe(SS) is put to use for decorative purposes. Stainless steel pipe(SS) primarily utilised to decorate, for instance railings, staircase handrails, windows, and so forth., the wall thickness is quite thin. As with the industrial stainless steel pipe production approach is several, so the value can also be extremely distinctive, stainless steel pipe(SS) as the use with the production process for welding stainless steel pipe.

Industrial stainless steel pipe is extensively utilised in various industries, distinct industries and applications for the top quality of steel, overall performance needs there’s a massive difference. Low-end market place access towards the reduce threshold, and some applications in high temperature, high pressure, deep cold, high vacuum, robust corrosion, flammable and explosive and other complicated situations of high-end industrial stainless steel pipe marketplace. Specially inside the oil, chemical, organic gas, energy equipment manufacturing industries similar to industrial stainless steel pipe you can get higher barriers to business.

Industrial stainless steel pipe: frequently the surface of industrial stainless steel pipe is going to be pickling pipe, a compact quantity will have black pipe. Industrial stainless steel pipes, as mentioned above, are of industrial use, because the stainless steel pipe of acid and alkali, corrosion resistance is far better, so the common large-scale chemical production enterprises are working with anti-corrosion components are stainless steel pipe, industrial stainless steel pipe production method is a molding, are seamless stainless steel pipe.

Industrial stainless steel pipe: steel pipe for industrial pipe, common pipe pipe (drinking water pipe), mechanical structure / fluid delivery pipe, boiler heat exchange pipe, food hygiene pipe and so on. Commonly utilised in many fields such as: petrochemical, paper, nuclear, food, beverage, pharmaceutical as well as other industries around the fluid medium requires a larger pipeline.

All round, using the material in the industrial stainless steel pipe than the value of decorative stainless steel even more than 1/3, since the cost of production, too as cumbersome method.

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