Nickel prices could not continue reducing without the bottom line

TISCO issued September ferronickel high purchase price, 730 yuan / Ni both in and outside of the expected apprehension among. From the procurement point of view there must be strong reasons, from a supply point of view apparently wayward pressure. The land of China has been immersed in the Sino-Japanese War Victory parade in honor of the 70th anniversary of the atmosphere, the plant shut down a large area, the market sentiment is not transaction. Expected before the end of the parade, nickel prices will continue no bottom line capricious.

Discontinued wide range of ferronickel

For Beijing’s skies can show “Blue Parade”, on August 20 in North China and East China began setting off another round of large-scale industrial production. Hebei, Henan, iron and steel production and sales of a tremendous impact, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, ferroalloy plant shutdowns common. Shandong area of ​​nickel iron production since the beginning of the environmental upgrade storm, has not yet fully returned to normal, “parade blue” and immediately create new large-scale production. Statistics from the site of August 28 nickel ore port inventory data, an increase of 260,000 to 17,510,000 tons. Among them, the low-nickel high 7.46 million tons of iron ore, Ni content of about 1.5% and above the high-grade nickel ore 10.05 million tons. Lianyungang largest inventory of 4.26 million tons, 1.56 million tons plus Lanshan Port, Rizhao Port, 970,000 tons, 150,000 and Dong Port Dafeng Port 150,000 tons, radiation throughout a large area of ​​Lianyungang stock 7.09 million tons, higher than the national inventory 40%.

Nickel prices dip-impact

Under the multiple role of the international political game and financial competition, the price of refined nickel supply and demand situation in the case of reversal of the decline in value is still showing a terrible, tragic decline over the bottom of the 2008 financial crisis. Global refined nickel producers have reduced discontinued, many international agencies had forecast 2015 nickel production is clearly in rapid decline, but still did not change the trend of recent wayward dropping nickel alloy prices. Although LME nickel inventories have recently been hovering around 450,000 tons, it has not been shown to restore rise to close to 480,000 tons of high nickel prices still hovering in the $ 10,000 willful and down, resulting in the global nickel industry have suffered market baptism The huge losses. Nickel alloy prices fell more than the bottom line, no doubt harm the interests of the Philippines should be a nickel mine of origin, but also greatly affected the short-term benefits of China’s nickel-iron and other related businesses. From the nickel mineral refining shareholder structure of nickel production and related nickel industry giants, the western institution in this round of the nickel price decline in value of another historic big I’m afraid it is difficult to maintain the advantages of absolute winner.

Nickel prices are returning wayward

Whether refined nickel production costs, or expenses of nickel pig iron smelting, when LME nickel prices less than $ 15,000 / ton and long-term downturn, the trend is bound to cut or stop the spread expanding. The current nickel price has been below the industry average cost of about 50 percent, struggling to support production activities is rapidly reduced, and further can suppress the price of nickel supply factors will become increasingly difficult to become an excuse for short speculators. Refined nickel or nickel pig iron production and processing, once discontinued, if the inevitable need to restart the time and cost, the market trend is not clear also clearly not rashly before the resumption of production activities occur, there will not be as capricious as the atmosphere of intense financial market players can make use of long or short lever mechanism to hype market price change is so easy. Expand investment in China and around the world to heal the economic risk of a new round of crisis approach will continue to rely on investment-led, high-speed rail, subway, shipbuilding and other infrastructure will once again lead the Chinese investment direction, stainless steel, special steel demand will continue to grow rekindled Demand for steel products is hope. Although the domestic media recently reported that the parade is still busy about the war, the international price of nickel alloy is still eager to open a recovery rally.

Phantom of the new round of global economic crisis has begun to show, once again market countries are implementing the rescue operations. History will not walk into the same river, the nickel alloy market is difficult to repeat with the same trend. Productivity has been developed to a new stage, the steel industry has great importance to the stainless steel. A better life is the common pursuit of mankind, is a popular choice of high-quality iron and steel industry. The next few months will be in the investment boom in the inevitable struggle, as well as other metals nickel market supply and demand may have caused the market trend showing little change unexpectedly market.

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