NAK80 Plastic Mold Steel

Product Description

NAK80 Plastic Mould Steel
Equivalent grades: 15Ni3Mn/HPM50/GEST80/P21


NAK80 is a 40 HRC pre-Hardened, high performance, high precision, mold steel. Applications include plastic molds, rubber molds, jigs & fixtures, and press dies.


•Machines up to 20 percent faster than 30 HRc P20
•Pre-hardened to 38-42 HRC
•Uniform microstructure & hardness (40 HRC between surface & interior)
•Never needs stress relieving, even after heavy machining
•Highly weldable, HAZ gets softer not harder (re-age harden to bring back to 40 HRC)
•EDM layer is easy to remove


Unique Characteristics:
•Super clean, Vacuum-Arc Remelt manufacturing process.
•40 HRc hardness.
•Age-hardened for uniformity of hardness throughout, even in heavy sections.
•When welded, NAK leaves no witness lines after re-aging.
•Uniform grain structure with no pin holes, inclusions or hard spots.
•Machines up to 20% faster than 30 HRc P20 mold steels.
•Never needs stress relieving, even after heavy machining.
•Polishes to a superior No. 1 finish, even over welded areas.


As a result of low carbon content, age hardening, and the availability of NAK weld rod, hardness is lowered in the heat-affected zone during the welding process, NAK 80 can be re-aged to 40 HRc with no distortion or stress put into the mold. Polish, texture and wear in welded area are indistinguishable from adjoining “parent steel” on the finished product.
Machines to a superior surface with negligible dimensional change up to 20% faster than P20. Positive rake cutters with concave, chip breaking inserts work best, and last up to twice as long as P20 mold steels.
The soft recast layer (approximately 32 HRc) is much thinner and is easier to remove than steels with a recast layer that is equivalent to their “as quenched” hardness. With NAK80, no post EDM stress relieving is ever needed.
Age hardening eliminates the stresses inherent in quenched and tempered