Metals successfully developed a new type of anti-microbial corrosion of duplex stainless steel

Marine engineering equipment made of stainless steel, the chloride ions in seawater corrosion and microbial corrosion has been a world-recognized problem. Microbial corrosion and fouling problems foreign construction materials caused nearly a thousand billion each year to the country’s economic losses and 30% In energy waste Shanghai sailed body. ocean engineering materials failure mechanisms and microbial corrosion protection technology has become a major issue in the field of ocean engineering solved.

If you can effectively suppress and kill the adhesion of metal material surface biofilm, can effectively alleviate or inhibit microbial corrosion. Therefore, the use of antibacterial stainless steel antibacterial properties and its inhibitory bacterial biofilm formation, thereby enhancing the anti-microbial corrosion of stainless steel, is a rich and innovative new ideas.

The research team has successfully developed an anti-bacterial microbial corrosion resistant duplex stainless steel (2205-Cu).

2205 is the marine environment under the most widely used duplex stainless steel, reported on marine bacteria cause corrosion of the 2205 failure of recent years has been wide attention from scholars. 2205-Cu such strong resistance to microbial corrosion antibacterial duplex stainless steel available to fill the gaps in the field of marine engineering antibacterial materials, the study results have important academic significance and practical value.

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