July national renewable aluminum ingots companies operating rate survey

Recently Zhuo record information on the more than 100 Hebei, Shandong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Guangdong and other 12 regions of secondary aluminum alloy ingot production business started in July to conduct research,as can be seen nationwide in July subnational aluminum ingot production enterprises operating rate is uneven, where the north, east and other places more stringent environmental inspection, the overall operating rate of about 30 percent, the lowest operating rate in Tianjin where only 15% manufacturers generally reflect, currently only has production qualification standards and environmental protection equipment businesses to normal production, and due to demand and other factors operating at only 50 percent; and South, Southwest and other places, some small and medium manufacturing enterprises located in remote mountainous areas, environmental inspection the intensity is not strict, high overall operating rate. According to Cho Chong Research: July nationwide average of all domestic renewable aluminum ingots companies operating rate of about 41 percent, a decline of 10%.

July aluminum ingot industry off-season, but by the impact of this environmental crisis, renewable industry survival more difficult. This month domestic aluminum ingot GB ADC12 average price 14,115 yuan / ton, down 321 yuan from last month / ton; average price of aluminum ingot of non-standard ADC12 12,161 yuan / ton, last month fell 130 yuan / ton.

After the hotter weather, a general decline in the rain, but aluminum ingot manufacturers started production and procurement initiative has not improved. Spot aluminum prices fell again, GB more than the price of aluminum ingot aluminum based on the spot price, selling prices fell after. At the same time, in the off-season prices of aluminum ingots companies under production remained low. According to Zhuo record and statistics, there are aluminum ingot production qualification of renewable companies operating at only 20-60%, not regeneration aluminum ingot production qualification of enterprises affected by the environmental impact of substantially all of the shut down, the market is in a semi-closed state.

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