Is Aluminum Hydroxide Safe For Vaccinations?

There is some concern over vaccinations. Especially, the additives such as thimerosal (mercury) in the influenza vaccine. That debate is on-going.

Another concern is the use of Aluminum plate hydroxide in vaccinations. According to Vancouver neuroscientist, Dr. Chris Shaw, there may be similarities among Parkinsons, Alzheimers and Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The commonality with these conditions is that many patients were inoculated with aluminum hydroxide.

It is common knowledge that autopsied brains of victims of Alzheimers have had large concentrations of aluminum in their brain. So, the response for several decades, has been to avoid aluminum cooking ware. (Might be too late for ex-soldiers who ate out of aluminum pots and mess tins for years.)

So, why aluminum pipe in a vaccine? According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Infectious Disease Chief of the National Institute of Health, aluminum hydroxide acts as an adjuvant. That is, a substance that stimulates the immune response. Less vaccine is needed when more aluminum hydroxide is used.

Dr. Shaw and his research team have been injecting the anthrax vaccine used during the first Gulf War, into mice. It is interesting to note that similar health problems were observed in soldiers who were deployed to Iraq and those who stayed home. This Gulf War Syndrome could be linked to the vaccinations alone.

The results on the mice? The injected mice suffered 41 times greater memory errors than the non-vaccinated mice. Autopsied mouse brains, showed that 35% of the vaccinated mice’s brains were actually destroying themselves.

This is not to say that human brains will act in a similar way, but it is good food for thought before taking another injection of aluminum hydroxide.

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