iPhone6 and iPhone6 + why so easy to be breaking bend

iPhone6 and iPhone6 + why so easy to be breaking bend?


Whether the phone is easy to bend, there are two key factors, one is material, and the other is shape.

The first is the material, based on everyday experience, we should be able to feel, stainless steel commonly used in mobile phones, liquid metal (zirconium alloy) aluminum, magnesium alloy, plastic, stainless steel is the stiffness (resistance to deformation) and elastic best overall performance ; the zirconium alloys and magnesium alloys are rigid, poor flexibility; rigid plastic is poor but good elasticity; rigid aluminum is poor, poor flexibility.

Followed by the shape, we can imagine the phone into a surface of a rectangular box is empty. So everyday experience, if the side walls of the box is very low, so it can only rely on the strength of the basic bottom plate, while if the side wall is high, you obviously relatively soft material is difficult breaking move. Principle would not have to explain, everyone will know the feel of it is correct. Reinforced sidewalls, be sure to have a great contribution to the overall strength, of course, you go to increase the thickness of the bottom is also possible.

iPhone5 and 5S, replaced the aluminum material, this would lead to a sharp decline in overall strength, because aluminum is quite soft, and too prone to plastic deformation, so large that force is applied up, directly bent.

BUT IPhone 6S uses a new generation of aviation aluminum,and will never afraid of being bent breaking.

Apple found to iPhone6s and iPhone6s Plus a new rear casing material, -7000 series aluminum alloy, which improved 60% compared to ordinary aluminum material hardness, density reaches a third of stainless steel, while maintaining a lightweight aluminum material.


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