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As we all know, it is a range of industrial aluminum word, including many aluminum products. Initial contact with the procurement of a friend may not know that you need to purchase what is what type of product specifications, the following small series and tell you about the aluminum industry classification.

1, aluminum tubing, aluminum is used in many household appliances, such as refrigerators Washing, etc., depending on the use and aluminum content can be divided into 1060 aluminum tubes, 2A12,3A21,5A02,6061 tubes, 6063 aluminum pipe, seamless pipe extrusion 3003,5052,7075,2011,2024,1050,6068 (refers to a seamless tube products are: aluminum flat tube, aluminum tube, oval tube, harmonica tube). Diameter range: φ20mm ~ φ300mm wall thickness: 3mm ~ 40mm, drawn tube diameter range: φ4mm ~ φ28; these specifications products, 6061 and 6063 aluminum tubes used most frequently.

2, aluminum coil, aluminum coil thickness and width generally to distinguish conventional thickness and width are: Thickness 0.10mm —- 12mm width 150mm —- 2000mm;

3, pattern aluminum, mainly from the shape and thickness to distinguish, as five willow, pointer or custom thickness of 1.2mm —- 8.0mm;

4, aluminum plate , aluminum distinction is very simple, but also from the thickness and width, thickness and width is the thickness of a conventional 0.3mm — 180mm width 900mm —- 2000mm respectively. Use aluminum range is very wide, not one by one go into detail here.

5, bar, rod commonly used size, height and diameter aluminum content to differentiate, can be divided into round bar, square bar, hexagon bar, square bar. A squeeze rod F (R, H112) state, a diameter of φ5mm ~ φ180mm; quenched state, a diameter of φ5mm ~ φ150mm (T4, T5, T6); B squeeze square, hexagonal rods F state, the inscribed circle a diameter of 5mm ~ 150mm; quenched state, inscribed circle diameter of 5mm ~ 150mm; C extruded rectangular bar (flat stick), width 5mm ~ 150mm thickness 3mm ~ 150mm. Lvbang uses generally used in some industrial machinery and equipment or buildings.

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