In September this year, China Aluminum will reduce production of 650000 tons


In the news recently, the world’s largest aluminum pipe producer-Detect metals Aluminum said the company and other peers are still considering the reduce of production, following the last two years, 650000 tons of production was recuded, the company will in September this year to cut 200000 tons, so the aluminum price is expected to rise by the end of this year to about $2000 per ton.

For this year’s production plan, China Aluminum in a recent quarterly report said that this year will not restart aluminum smelting plant which has been closed in 2013, is considering the implementation of active maintenance capital expenditure management system, in order to optimize the maintenance of the original, is expected this year’s electrolytic aluminum production will be flat in 2014 of 3601000 tons.

China Aluminum said, plans to improve the construction of facilities in 2018 Mykolaiv aluminum plant, when the alumina production capacity will be increased from the current 1600000 tons to 1700000 tons.

Previously released data show that the second quarter of the 2024 aluminum pipe oxide production of 1818000 tons of alumina, according to the quarter rose 0.6%, an annual rise of 0.8%. Bauxite production reached 3223000 tons, 3.2% increase in quarterly and annual growth of 7.3%.

In the second quarter, the China Aluminum sales and average price fell: during the total production of its total output of 908000 tons, an increase of 0.8% in the quarter, but the sales volume by 5.1% to 880000 tons per season. The average price of the period to achieve a reduction of 7.7% to $2124 per ton, compared to the quarter.

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