How to Recycle Aluminum Cans and Get Paid in the Process

thick aluminum sheet
Thousands of beverages are consumed throughout the world everyday. Many are packaged in aluminum sheet cans that should be recycled. Did you know that you can do your part for the environment and get paid for recycling aluminum cans?

If you have a stockpile of cans you would like to recycle, your first step is to locate a metals recycler. This step is as simple as looking in your local yellow pages or similar directory under “recycling” or “metals dealer”. You should call ahead to first check whether the dealer accepts aluminum cans. You should also ask specifically whether they prefer the cans rinsed, smashed, or for any other requirements. Next, you should also ask what price they pay per pound. This becomes especially important if you have a choice between two or more locations.

The next step in the process of selling your aluminum cans is the preparation for transporting them to the dealer. Follow any instructions you were given from the first step. Be sure to load the cans in containers or bags that are easy for you to carry. You do not want to risk not being able to lift your bags or barrels. And, you certainly do not want to incur a bag ripping from being overfilled.

At the recycling center you will be asked to place your container on some form of scale for weighing purposes. The cashier will then multiply the pounds of 5052 aluminum sheet cans by the price paid per pound. You will then be given a check or cash for your efforts.

Recycling makes good sense for our environment. If you have cans that need to be recycled, you should know that someone is going to make money from the process. It might as well be you!

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