How to Prolong the Operation Time of Control Valve


Compared with manual valve, the control valve is quite different. Especially when it is installed, it should be often maintained in order to operate normally and prolong the usage life. Here the article will introduce you some suggestions to prolong the service life of the control valve:

Firstly,Replace special material. In order to prevent cavitation and impact, it is a better way to adopt cavitation-resistant and impact-proofed special material to make the throttling element. There are some materials that can be selected, such as 6YC-1, A4 steel, stellite, hard metal and so on. If people want to increase its erosion-resistance, people can choose some material with the physical and mechanical properties, such as rubber, ceramics, hastelloy c276 and so on.

Secondly,Change the flow direction. When the flow direction of open-type is in line with the opening direction, the erosion will occur on the sealing face and thus the root of the case and the sealing face of the valve seat will suffer from destroying very soon. While, if the flow direction of close-type is in line with the closing direction, the erosion will occur after the throttle and under the sealing face of the valve seat. Thereby, it can prolong the service time through protecting the sealing face and the case root. It is suggested when the valve, used as open-type, faces the serious erosion, people can change the flow direction, which can prolong the usage time.

Thirdly, operate widespread. The control valve should be operated within the maximum opening at the beginning, such as 80%. Thereby, the erosion caused by air or impact will happen on the head of the valve case. With the destroy of the case and the increase of flow rate, the opening of the valve should be reduced step by step, until the whole case is completely used and the root of the case and the sealing face are destroyed. At the same time, when working widespread, the gap for throttling is big and thus the erosion is quite weak. To some degree, it can prolong the operation time.

Fourthly, narrow the diameter. Through narrowing the diameter of the valve, it can increase the work opening. There are two ways to realize the purpose: (a). people can change another valve with a smaller diameter. For example, the Monel k500 can be changed into the DN25. (b). there is no need to change the valve body but people can replace a small valve seat. In general, both of them can prolong the operation time of the control valve.
Last but not least, change the structure of the control valve. Changing the structure of valve or selecting the valve with longer usage time can realize the purpose. For example, people can select multilevel dropping valve, anti-cavitation valve or erosion-proof valve.

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