How to maintain the use of aluminum plate curtain wall veneer


How to maintain the use of aluminum plate curtain wall veneer, aluminum curtain wall veneer of life is relatively long, so during this period require some maintenance of the wall, in order to make the beauty of aluminum veneer curtain wall of the building to show the long-term, safe aluminum curtain wall veneer maintenance is indispensable, aluminum curtain wall veneer has good self-cleaning and anti-corrosion, so I do not need long-term maintenance, but also can not be ignored.
(1) aluminum veneer curtain during the warranty period for periodic inspection by the party organization, visit, found quality problems immediately removed.
(2) tape and plastic injection at any time to check, if found missing or damaged aluminum curtain wall veneer timely replacement or repair. Most of the current domestic use of domestic and imported silicone rubber silicone rubber, and must only be used after compatibility tests made by the State designated test units. Note that a certain patch until fully cured (24h) then.
(3) Regular cleaning with a gondola
(4) aluminum sheet curtain wall veneer surface repair: local damage or scratch with Refinish.
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