How to enhance the competitiveness of aluminum sheet suppliers

The current intense competition between aluminum sheet suppliers, in order to gain market share in such a market environment and is not easy, but is not no way. For some achievements have been in the market in terms of aluminum sheet suppliers, more should be efforts to enhance competitiveness, otherwise behind.

How to enhance the competitiveness of aluminum sheet suppliers :

1. The production scale, product diversification. Due to the depreciation of production equipment is slower than the average market return excess earnings rate of return, aluminum sheet suppliers operate around the regression average return is the inevitable result, the difference between competitors is reflected in the cost control. Only good cost control, 6061 aluminum price will be more competitive.

2. The sub-sector positioning. Consumption structure and economic development structure is adapted to aluminum, aluminum factory management needs to have a forward-looking position or to emerging sub-sub-industry transformation.

3. The high capacity or capital flexibility. When the sub-sectors appear excess return, the aluminum sheet suppliers can be put into maximizing the expansion of production capacity faster than its competitors to achieve excess returns through capital efficiency, so it’s not just “industry how good” or “more than anyone else has money “, but also need to” faster than anyone else. “

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