How to cut thick aluminum sheet?

thick aluminum sheet      aluminum sheet

Do you know how to cut thick aluminum sheet? what is thick aluminum sheet? Thick aluminum sheet refers to aluminum plates thicker than 3 mm. Thick aluminum plate divided into special thick aluminum and the thick aluminum. Special thick aluminum is the thickness of not less than 50 mm of aluminum. Special thick aluminum is mainly used in shipbuilding, boiler, pressure vessel housing beams and the like.

Thick aluminum plate and aluminum sheet metal is substantially the same. In all aspects of products, in addition to aluminum bridge, aluminum boiler, automobile manufacturing aluminum, aluminum pressure vessel and other varieties of multi-layer aluminum pressure vessel is purely slab outside, some species such as automobile frames aluminum (thickness of 2.5 to 10 mm), the pattern aluminum (thickness of 2.5 to 8 mm), stainless aluminum, heat-resistant aluminum sheet and other varieties of the same cross.

So how to cut thick aluminum sheet? There are two nice methods here:

1- flame cutting, cheap and fast, but cutting precision aluminum susceptible to bias and uneven heat deformation.

2- waterknife cutting, more expensive, speed is relatively slow, the accuracy is not very bad, basically negative 2mm.(The so-called “water knife”, is sealed with a high-pressure pump the water pressure through a nozzle made of very fine nozzle advanced carbide, sapphire, diamond and other discharge, cutting material. Some water also joined a number of long-chain polymers, such as polyethylene oxide, increased water “viscosity”.)




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