How to clean pattern aluminum plate professionally?

Pattern aluminum plate in life is becoming more common, and the role of pattern aluminum is also growing, after the washing process will become more beautiful pattern aluminum alloy in the production process will often appear loose ingot or blowhole and other defects, to the production process of a lot of trouble. Following small and you a brief introduction pattern aluminum plate washing deal with it, how to be more professional washing pattern aluminum plate.

Start porosity is concerned, it is mainly among aluminum ingot circular hole, the reason is mainly formed when dissolved gas is always in a state of saturation, and the melt, there are still a lot of non-metallic inclusions It slows things, so that the gas in the process of casting floating rate, bubbles will remain in the pores of the ingot.

Loose ingot form factors are two: First, there is no removal of loose melt gases; the second is a loose contraction generated when it is related to gas and melt, generally when we conduct analysis mainly based on gas content of the melt and the casting speed.

In fact, we can also use a liquid feeding mode, so it reduces the metal in the furnace residence time, can make the inside of the gas furnace in the continuous saturation effect to get a good release and decomposition, but also good control generation of impurities, reduce non-metallic slag material.

1, after alkaline etching, the aluminum plate surface pattern will be left Dalian alkaline etching grooves film, which we call water alkaline etching after. Pattern aluminum plate base after etching is more difficult to clean, and first of all we want in favor of cleaning products point of view, the first tank to maintain the temperature of the water and alkaline water is not going to replace. After washing twice, in order to make a better cleaning effect, we can be appropriately stirred. After washing twice watching work How much amount may be, it can not handle the overflow.

2, it is necessary to go through at least two water washing step is called neutralized. This washing we recommend using circulating water cleaning, doing so in order to protect normal oxidation tank when, because in and the nitric acid tank, if it is brought into the oxidation tank, then there may not form an oxide film, or an increase in the oxidation tank impurities, this will accelerate the aging of the oxidation tank.

3, a simple two washing, washing after chemical polishing after chemical polishing will be from some residual liquid, in order to better clean, small second sink recommend using circulating water, the first water tank maintained at a temperature on the line.

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