How to clean and maintain the buildings of titanium plate?

Any material with the external environment will generate pollution, if not ignored and cleaned regularly, over time will produce is difficult to remove the case, although no corrosion phenomenon, but the appearance is very huge impact. Titanium metal material before cleaning, it is recommended to choose a small area, in order to clean the company’s agents to clean, and then wait until it is drier than the rear surface of the original plate, confirmation and then a large area clean, and from top to bottom, the relevant agents pH value should be confirmed, to avoid unnecessary fouling.

1.maintenance mode
(1) When the produce unglued, you can use a sponge or cloth, alcohol, acetone, toluene or a mixture of alcohol and wipe dry when the solution yet, use a clean cloth to scrub.
(2) When generating fingerprints, rain and dust caused by dirt, use a mild detergent or soap. If unable to clear, then remove degumming process to remove it.
(3) titanium surface material and concrete caused by dirt, scrub dilute hydrochloric acid 5%.
(4) titanium zinc sheet metal material and components caused by dirt, scrub dilute hydrochloric acid 15%.
(5) have to be taken after the cleaning water, not residual solution to the material.
(6) The use of the colored titanium metal building materials, not containing
Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, decontamination powder ingredients to clean, it will cause can not be reinstated.

(1) titanium material dirt and discoloration of reasons, because of the pollution situation is not the same phenomenon presents different, to be different depending on the status of the clean-up operations one by one, can not summarize a comprehensive clean-up, part of the proposal should be tested against a scrub, dirt observation removal and color condition, and then decide whether to fully clean.
(2) Use a sponge, cotton, nylon, etc. Please hole along parallel grinding titanium wipe clean, the force should be uniform. When the circle with scrub, dirt difficult to remove, but also damaging the surface gloss and light shines colorimeter.
(3) If the dirt is serious, you should avoid using crude bucking (sandpaper, steel wire, etc.), this will not only destroy the titanium light lines, it will undermine the surface, thus causing the dirt.
(4) If the cleaning, use a commercially available cleaners, not only to clean the dirt area, but also around to cleaning, to avoid leaving differences.
(5) When the building clean exterior, if the cleaning liquid splash to the titanium surface, please clean water, dry, if ignored, can cause discoloration of reasons.
(6) When using colored titanium, be sure to provide clean technology manufacturer, to avoid loss of color film and colored titanium.

Titanium metal plate as light weight than steel, structural behavior and representing an aluminum plate excellent workability similar to aluminum metal plate can meet many changes in the exterior of the building structure, with weather resistance can be adapted to the sea and the spa environment, the qualities of the state, the surface is not also cause color status derived maintenance costs, can maintain good color, the color of the material has an industrial development (engaging) and other various features can be used in the multi-building projects.

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