How to calculate aluminum plate weight?

when you want to buy some aluminum plate,you need to pay by aluminum plate weight,but do you know how to calculate aluminum plate weight?

Actually,it’s really easy to calculate aluminum plate weight.

1.Make sure the unit of length when accounting

2.Accounting aluminum plate volume : V = length * width * thickness

3.Accounting aluminum plate weight :G = density of aluminum plate * Volume

Aluminum plate have two categories: pure aluminum(1 series of aluminum) and aluminum alloy.

The density of pure aluminum plate is 2.71 T / cubic meter (g / cc).

Aluminum alloy is divided into a number of series, commonly used for the 3 Series, 5 Series.

The density of 3 Series aluminum plate is 2.73 T / cubic meter (g / cc). The density of 5 Series aluminum plate is 2.68 T / cubic meter (g / cc).

For examp, How to calculate the 1060 aluminum plate weight : length 1 m * width 800mm * thickness 3.0mm ?

V =1000*800*3=2400000(mm)=2400(cm)

G =V*2.71=2400(cm)*2.71(g/cc)=6504g=6.5KG

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