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Household Aluminum Foils

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Product Introduction

 3 xxx  3003  H111  H12  H14  H16  H18  H22  H24  H26  H28  0.01-0.2  300-1100  coil
 5 xxx  5052  H111  H12  H14  H16  H18  H22  H24  H26  H28  0.01-0.2  300-1100  coil
 8 xxx  8011  8021  8079  H111  H12  H14  H16  H18  H22  H24  H26  H28  0.01-0.2  300-1100  coil

Aluminum household foil is the ideal material for hygienic food contact and general food packaging purposes. Aluminum foil provides a total barrier to light, odor and moisture, thus making it ideal for the protection of sensitive food during cooking and storage.
•Alloy : 3003 5052 8011 8021 8079
•Utility : food-packaging foil,adhesive tape foil,food container material and honeycomb foil,ect