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Grade 5 Titanium Sheet

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Product Description

Grade 5 Titanium Sheet/Ti 6Al 4V

Primarily used in aircraft applications where strength is required but weight is a critical factor. Grade 5 titanium sheet has always been the first titanium choice in the aerospace industry. Due to the fact that it is not a malleable alloy, it is more commonly used in sheet and plate applications. Regardless, there are still some tubular applications where Grade 5 titanium sheet is used where strength is critical.

Standard: AMS 4907K, AMS-T-9046A, ASTM B265, BS7252 PART 3, MIL-T-9046, VMI 616-23, AMS 4905, AMS 4907.

Applications of Grade 5 Titanium Sheet:

Typical Chemical Composition %
Weight % Al V Fe O C N H Y Each Total
Minimum 5.50 3.50
Maximum 6.75 4.50 .30 .20 .08 .05 .015 .005 .10 .40

Remainder Titanium

Typical Mechanical Properties
Ultimate/Min Yield/Min Elongation/Min
134 126 6