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Gr1 Titanium Bars

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Product Description

Titanium CP Grade 1 / AMS 4940

Technical Data Sheet

 Chemical Composition Limits
 Weight %  Ti  C  Fe  N  O  H
 Titanium CP Grade 1  bal  0.08  0.02  0.03  0.15 0.015

Titanium Grades 1-4 are unalloyed and generally known as CP (Commercially Pure). The tensile and yield strength of titanium generally increases with the grade number. Titanium is 30% stronger than Steel but nearly 50% lighter and although Aluminium is lighter, Titanium is stronger and has excellent strength retention. Due to Titanium’s weight, strength and high corrosion resistance it is very popular in various manufacturing industries from aerospace, medical, shipping, military etc.

Typical Mechanical Properties

 Material  Tensile Strength min  Yield Strength  Elongation (%)
 ksi  Mpa  ksi  Mpa
 Titanium CP Grade 1
Annealed condition
 35  241  25-45  172-310  24
 as per MIL-T-9046J, AMS-T-9046, AMS 4940


Titanium Grade 1 is available in Bar, Billet, Extrusion, Plate, Sheet, Strip, Wire, Pipe, Tube, Rings and Forgings. For all stock and size availability contact Sales.
Ring size capability
OD ≤ 1300mm
Height ≤ 250mm
Disc size capability
OD ≤ 1100mm
Height ≤ 40mm


AMS 4940 – Sheet, strip, plate
MIL-T-9046J CP4 – Sheet, strip, plate
AMS-T-9046B CP4 – Sheet, strip, plate
ASTM B265 – Gr1 Sheet, plate
ASTM B337 – Gr1 Pipe (withdrawn)
ASTM B338 – Gr1 heat exchanger tube
ASTM B348 – Gr1 bar
ASTM B367 – Gr1 castings
ASTM B381 – Gr1 forgings
ASTM F67 – Gr1 Surgical Implant
ASTM F467 – Gr1 nuts
ASTM F468 – Gr1 bolts
UNS R50250
DTD 5013
AIR 9182 T35
Werkstoff WS3.7024 (aerospace)
Werkstoff WS3.7025
LN 9297
IMI 115
DIN 17850 (chemistry)
DIN 17860 (sheet, plate)
DIN 17862 (bar)
DIN 17863 (wire)
DIN 17864 (forgings)