Global steel market is now fully downward trend

Since entering in September, the international steel (1925, 2.00, 0.10%) market increasingly weak international steel mid 72.91 points benchmark index fell 0.86% MoM week, fell 2.49 percent month on month (decline in the expansion).

Sheet index 65.87 points, Zhou chain fell 0.86 percent, the monthly chain fell 2.46% (decline convergence); long products index 80.62 points, Zhou chain fell 0.93 percent, the monthly chain fell 3.03% (by the up to turn down); the Americas Index 81.77 point, Zhou chain fell 1.39 percent, the monthly chain fell 1.61% (decline in the expansion); the European index 71.63 points, Zhou chain fell 1.61 percent, the monthly chain fell 1.61% (decline enlarged); Asia index 71.39 points, Zhou chain fell 0.31 percent, It fell 3.36 percent month on month (by the up to turn down). Index seen running into the global steel market since September has now fully downward trend, the situation reassert severe. To this end, according to the operational state of international steel benchmark index, combined forecasting fundamentals, the recent adjustment of the global steel market will continue the trend.

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