Farglory Dome—-Impressive Building built with titanium

Farglory Dome

Farglory Dome

Titanium in aerospace engineering in many appear now to be able to accommodate tens of thousands of people far Yuta Pengrowth Saddledome, its public safety factor will be more demanding, especially in the far north city center Yuta Dome is not only Taiwan a new landmark, better enhance the international visibility, more people will be proud of the building, by the public’s attention, much Yuta Arena in understanding titanium having energy security and many other advantages, the actively contributed titanium applied Farglory Dome building, decided to roof and curtain wall developed by using cold-rolled titanium sheet, showing kindness to support the large-scale construction of public works, and broke the past by foreign manufacturers imported titanium sheet market.

Farglory Dome can best demonstrate large curtain wall and part of the roof of the building aesthetic appearance, after a complete assessment, based on the following reasons, the selection of titanium sheet:


1, considered far Yuta Dome need to use 50 years, titanium sheet due to corrosion excellent to prevent corrosion due to acid rain caused by the perforation, can significantly enhance the construction was life;

2, using a titanium sheet was built to improve the fire safety of the melting point of titanium is 1660 ℃, can avoid the spark Derivatives of the fire problem.2009 Beijing CCTV that is due to the use of only 420 ℃ melting point of titanium zinc plate as the curtain, and the fireworks took place Shi melt titanium zinc plate wear caused by the fire, the entire building burned;

3, high strength titanium, the low density, structural load is light, can enhance the effect of anti-Taiwan earthquake building;

4, low thermal conductivity of titanium, can effectively cut off from the outside heat, using titanium roof can significantly reduce air conditioning consumption, save money on electricity, it is in response to the most carbon reduction good choice;

5, titanium glamorous appearance and color, may exhibit the characteristics of a vibrant, application examples around the world have hundreds of buildings, such as the Guggenheim Museum, New Zealand, the National Science Centre, and the mainland of the Beijing National Grand Theatre.

The Farglory Dome (http://www.farglorydome.com.tw/)will use cold-rolled titanium sheet, breaking the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in the past by the market. In the domestic construction steel titanium far Yuta Dome, but also allows the world with admiration, the future of Taiwan have the opportunity to copy the big Dome internationally.

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