Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and properties of 2024 aluminum alloy

2024 aluminum alloy

Aluminum and aluminum alloy is the largest amount of non-ferrous metals, the highest yield of material, is a pillar industry of the national economy, widely used in aviation, transportation, building materials, machinery, packaging and other industries, is also an important defense material. 2024 co-metal Al-Cu-Mg-based high-tough aluminum alloy, due to the high strength, heat resistance, excellent formability and resistance to damage and other characteristics, has become the main structural materials for the aerospace industry it has. Therefore, exploring new heat treatment process system, improve the overall performance 2024 aluminum alloy has great practical significance.

Solution treatment incubation times are 50min, the solution temperature was 460,480,500 and 520 ℃, the use of the installed furnace temperature, after the solution is complete, remove the cooling fast. Research on the impact on performance solution time is about 500 ℃ sample into a heat treatment furnace insulation 30,50,70 respectively and 90min, after the solution is complete, remove the cooling fast. When the impact of aging on the performance of research, the first sample was 500 ℃ × 50min the solution treatment, then the sample at different temperatures for a long time of aging heat treatment, and every once in a while to test the mechanical properties of a sample. Aging temperatures were 130,170,180,190 and 210 ℃. Using the installed furnace temperature, cooling method for quick cooling. Quickly removed after every 1h, rapid cooling hardness test, then quickly back into the heat treatment furnace continued aging heat treatment, a total aging time of 15h.

Heat treatment process has on the microstructure and properties of 2024 aluminum alloy is a significant impact, the higher the solution temperature, the alloying elements, the greater the concentration of the solid solution, a solution to improve the degree of concentration after quenching supersaturated solid solution of the higher, Aging will have a higher strength; with the holding time, the alloy hardness first increased and then becomes more gentle, and decreased. Hardness aging temperature increases, the arrival time of the peak aging required shorter, the faster aging, 180 ℃ aging reached the highest peak value and timeliness arrived; at 500 ℃ solid solution heat 50min, peak hardness values ​​appear highest.

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