Do you like flying? Do you really acquaint the aircraft?

aircraft aluminum

Since the beginning of 1903,  the Wright brothers complete his famous first flight, aircraft of modern civilization becoming indispensable means of transport. It is a profound change and affect people’s lives, opening people to conquer the sky of history. Airlines spend millions of dollars per year inspecting their aircraft and making sure they are safe. Aircraft is the most efficient transportation so far, do you like flying? Do you really acquaint the aircraft?

The materials used are mainly the aircraft aluminum, followed by steel, composites and titanium alloys. And now the proportion of composite materials and titanium alloys is increasing. B777, the total weight of the composite material 11%, 7% titanium, aluminum 70%, steel 11%. While only 1% B747 composites, titanium 4%, aluminum 81%, steel 13%. Why  to choose aircraft aluminum? Aircraft aluminum is lighter materials can reduce the weight of flight, toughness is relatively good, the wings meet the quiver.

Compared aircraft aluminum to ordinary aluminum , the strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance and plasticity of aircraft aluminum have higher requirements. There are a variety of aircraft aluminum:

1, duralumin: aluminum-magnesium-copper alloy. The aviation industry’s most widely used aluminum alloys. Common grade 2024,2A12,2017A, strength, toughness, good fatigue resistance, good plasticity. Used to make skin, bulkheads, wing ribs and the like.

2, super-hard aluminum: magnesium aluminum-zinc-copper alloy. Common grade 7075,7A09, high yield strength and ultimate strength to withstand load, used to make wing airfoil skin, beams and so on.



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