Cutthroat competition has destroyed the bottom line price of titanium

2014, Chinese production of nearly 70,000 tons of titanium sponge, titanium output of about 50,000 tons, and 14 years ago, grew by 36 times and 23 times. China now has the world’s largest titanium sponge retort furnace, titanium smelting, rolling, forging systems have reached the world advanced level, but China has yet to become titanium industrial power.

“Apple wire” is the industry commonly known as titanium applications for the Apple phone titanium nuts and screws, Xi’an, a titanium manufacturer person in charge, 2012 “Apple wire,” the international price is 1400-1500 yuan / kg, in a short more than two years, the price has dropped to 170 yuan / kg.

At the same time, foreign businessmen but by domestic titanium “price war” big squeeze profits. “Over the last two years, foreign countries have emerged specifically take advantage of this industry chaos improve industry standards, lower prices trend of the domestic titanium, titanium industry, so there is a risk of being kidnapped foreign importers.”

On the other hand, the industrial upgrading of titanium, the quality of the control has been severely constrained, thereby enabling the international reputation of Chinese titanium industry is greatly impaired, if China’s titanium business no spontaneous self-discipline, in the “area all the way” strategy, China also in other countries may soon be seeking a head titanium industry development to catch up.

Titanium sheet industry in sustainable development, one should focus on the expansion of applications, strive to make breakthroughs in the transportation and marine engineering application areas, expanding the application of titanium market; the second is the way to go innovation and development, focus on targeting the aerospace, cutting-edge medical equipment, 3D printing, make breakthroughs in core technologies, accelerate the development of new materials, technology preempt the Competition; and the third is to grasp opportunities for development, seize the national implementation of the “along the way” and made in China “2025” strategy the opportunity to actively technical reserves and project reserves for national policy support and international cooperation to improve the capacity for sustainable development.


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