Chinese aluminum export market normal


Recently, some foreign aluminum  plate companies and the foreign media said that a large number of aluminum exports from china company , a large aluminum products for the export tax rebate and the cancellation of export tariffs on aluminum rod aluminum exports will cause misunderstanding, vice president of DETECT-METALS CO.,LTD  to respond He said the Chinese aluminum export market is very normal, some internationl views have some understanding  on China’s policy , so as to cause unnecessary worry and complain.

Detect-metals said the first foreign-related institutions worried about the large number of Chinese aluminum exports to foreign markets is wrong. Data show that by 2005, China is a net importer of aluminum entirely after 2005, Chinese aluminum production to meet domestic demand from the market only have small amount of aluminum products exports to overseas markets, and the past 10 years, China’s export volume of aluminum  only about 10% of total production. The latest statistics show that China’s aluminum exports accounted for only 7% of net production in the first half 2015, it shows that 90% of China’s aluminum production is consumption in the country, which means that production and consumption of aluminum products in China is simultaneously increased The proportion of exports China aluminum is very normal. Therefore, the international criticism of China’s massive exports of aluminum does not hold.

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