China export aluminum pipe to Korea keep it steady

Aluminum Alloy

According to South Korean trader said China aluminum pipe exports to South Korea remained stable, because the Chinese aluminum export aluminum forced the quantity is reduce , so many korea customer must be export to use aluminum pipe instead of exhausted, before January the Chinese government may adjustment is aluminum export duties.

The Chinese government imposed a 15 percent export of aluminum ingots export tariff has significantly reduced export volume, forcing korea buyers can only purchase Western brands ,for example Russia and China aluminum tubes.

Russia Trader says: “In the absence of imports of Chinese aluminum, aluminum tube market a little panic.”

One Korae traders said the South Korean imports of less than 10,000 tons aluminum tubes, feed imports in January before the Chinese government to take more measuresthe West and Russia ingots brand backwardation since December have risen $ 5, respectively, $ 70 and US $ 60-65.

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