Tips to keep the bright of aluminum alloy doors and windows

aluminum alloy doors and windows

A good addition to aluminum alloy windows and doors, material is good or bad, the most important thing is to maintain the usual cleaning, a few simple tips can make the doors and windows to keep it new.

1, sealing tops and glass, plastic is to ensure that bridge aluminum doors and windows sealed, waterproof insulation and key, if off to be repaired, replaced.

2, When cleaning bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, do not step on an aluminum frame, we can not pull framework for support.

3, after the rain, glass and door frames should be raindrops, special attention chute water. Chute with a long time, increasing friction, can add a little oil or wax coated with fire.

4, always check the bridge aluminum door frame wall junction, falling loose easily if the overall deformation of the frame, so that doors can not be closed and sealed. So loose screw connections manufacturer of aluminum alloy windows and doors should be established that is fastened, such as screws loose footing, apply a small amount of epoxy cement sealing tune superglue.

5, bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows during use, should nudge gently pull, push comes naturally; do not force found difficult, bridge aluminum doors and windows should be troubleshooting. Fouling, deformation is the main difficulty sliding aluminum alloy  doors and windows, door frames to keep clean, especially clean sliding groove. Available vacuumed tank tops and door seal fouling.

How to clean and maintain the buildings of titanium plate?

Any material with the external environment will generate pollution, if not ignored and cleaned regularly, over time will produce is difficult to remove the case, although no corrosion phenomenon, but the appearance is very huge impact. Titanium metal material before cleaning, it is recommended to choose a small area, in order to clean the company’s agents to clean, and then wait until it is drier than the rear surface of the original plate, confirmation and then a large area clean, and from top to bottom, the relevant agents pH value should be confirmed, to avoid unnecessary fouling.

1.maintenance mode
(1) When the produce unglued, you can use a sponge or cloth, alcohol, acetone, toluene or a mixture of alcohol and wipe dry when the solution yet, use a clean cloth to scrub.
(2) When generating fingerprints, rain and dust caused by dirt, use a mild detergent or soap. If unable to clear, then remove degumming process to remove it.
(3) titanium surface material and concrete caused by dirt, scrub dilute hydrochloric acid 5%.
(4) titanium zinc sheet metal material and components caused by dirt, scrub dilute hydrochloric acid 15%.
(5) have to be taken after the cleaning water, not residual solution to the material.
(6) The use of the colored titanium metal building materials, not containing
Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, decontamination powder ingredients to clean, it will cause can not be reinstated.

(1) titanium material dirt and discoloration of reasons, because of the pollution situation is not the same phenomenon presents different, to be different depending on the status of the clean-up operations one by one, can not summarize a comprehensive clean-up, part of the proposal should be tested against a scrub, dirt observation removal and color condition, and then decide whether to fully clean.
(2) Use a sponge, cotton, nylon, etc. Please hole along parallel grinding titanium wipe clean, the force should be uniform. When the circle with scrub, dirt difficult to remove, but also damaging the surface gloss and light shines colorimeter.
(3) If the dirt is serious, you should avoid using crude bucking (sandpaper, steel wire, etc.), this will not only destroy the titanium light lines, it will undermine the surface, thus causing the dirt.
(4) If the cleaning, use a commercially available cleaners, not only to clean the dirt area, but also around to cleaning, to avoid leaving differences.
(5) When the building clean exterior, if the cleaning liquid splash to the titanium surface, please clean water, dry, if ignored, can cause discoloration of reasons.
(6) When using colored titanium, be sure to provide clean technology manufacturer, to avoid loss of color film and colored titanium.

Titanium metal plate as light weight than steel, structural behavior and representing an aluminum plate excellent workability similar to aluminum metal plate can meet many changes in the exterior of the building structure, with weather resistance can be adapted to the sea and the spa environment, the qualities of the state, the surface is not also cause color status derived maintenance costs, can maintain good color, the color of the material has an industrial development (engaging) and other various features can be used in the multi-building projects.

why pattern aluminum appears bleaching

Some construction units to deceive the owners to indoor plate posing aging, corrosion-resistant high-quality fluorocarbon plate, get unreasonable profit, thus forming aluminum used on the project presented serious discoloration, discoloration.


As we all know about pattern aluminum , when purchase pattern aluminum, we often see discoloration,bleaching, how did it happened ? Let’s Technical department to explain it. Striped aluminum discoloration, bleaching, mainly because of the formation of the plate inappropriate choice.


Aluminum plate with a plate divided into indoor and outdoor panels, outer coating two plates are not the same, determines its application is not the same situation. Interior plate used, and its appearance is usually sprayed resin coating, this coating habit not outdoor harsh natural environment, if used in outdoor, nature will accelerate the aging process, causing the appearance of discoloration decolorization outdoor outer coating aluminum composite panel is usually used anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet light to strong bomb grease coated polyvinyl fluoride layer, the price of this sheet is expensive.


Aluminum surface treatment on problem solving approach


Use aluminum plate quality is not very good, too many impurities will be mixed inside take peeling in alumium plate,the aluminum sheet after shot blasting treatment, the aluminum oxide layer above will be destroyed. Can not handle very clean, remained part of the oxide layer on top of.

Shot in order to make work further compaction, usually every square centimeter of power by force of 3 kg around, if  itself die-casting have quality problems, such as pores, bubbles, cold shut, playing in real time will be blasting produce peeling phenomenon, which is the same concept of non-casting from the peeling to separate.

Of the above questions is currently no effective method, you can learn basic processing pathways:

1, will be  improve the quality of the workpiece;

2, lower pressure blasting;

3 Shot from the skin site to be polished, such as sanding the bottom of the problem, you can re-throw.

How to clean pattern aluminum plate professionally?

Pattern aluminum plate in life is becoming more common, and the role of pattern aluminum is also growing, after the washing process will become more beautiful pattern aluminum alloy in the production process will often appear loose ingot or blowhole and other defects, to the production process of a lot of trouble. Following small and you a brief introduction pattern aluminum plate washing deal with it, how to be more professional washing pattern aluminum plate.

Start porosity is concerned, it is mainly among aluminum ingot circular hole, the reason is mainly formed when dissolved gas is always in a state of saturation, and the melt, there are still a lot of non-metallic inclusions It slows things, so that the gas in the process of casting floating rate, bubbles will remain in the pores of the ingot.

Loose ingot form factors are two: First, there is no removal of loose melt gases; the second is a loose contraction generated when it is related to gas and melt, generally when we conduct analysis mainly based on gas content of the melt and the casting speed.

In fact, we can also use a liquid feeding mode, so it reduces the metal in the furnace residence time, can make the inside of the gas furnace in the continuous saturation effect to get a good release and decomposition, but also good control generation of impurities, reduce non-metallic slag material.

1, after alkaline etching, the aluminum plate surface pattern will be left Dalian alkaline etching grooves film, which we call water alkaline etching after. Pattern aluminum plate base after etching is more difficult to clean, and first of all we want in favor of cleaning products point of view, the first tank to maintain the temperature of the water and alkaline water is not going to replace. After washing twice, in order to make a better cleaning effect, we can be appropriately stirred. After washing twice watching work How much amount may be, it can not handle the overflow.

2, it is necessary to go through at least two water washing step is called neutralized. This washing we recommend using circulating water cleaning, doing so in order to protect normal oxidation tank when, because in and the nitric acid tank, if it is brought into the oxidation tank, then there may not form an oxide film, or an increase in the oxidation tank impurities, this will accelerate the aging of the oxidation tank.

3, a simple two washing, washing after chemical polishing after chemical polishing will be from some residual liquid, in order to better clean, small second sink recommend using circulating water, the first water tank maintained at a temperature on the line.

How to clean stainless steel surface?

Note that scratch the surface of the washing does not occur, to avoid the use of bleach-containing composition and abrasive cleaning liquid, steel balls, grinding tools, in order to remove the washing liquid, at the end of washing, rinsing the surface with clean water.

Surface state

Easy to get rid of dust and dirt
Soap, washing detergent or weak with warm water

Labels and foil
With warm, weak detergent to scrub the adhesive composition with alcohol or an organic solvent

Fats, oils, oil pollution
With a soft cloth or paper neutral washing detergent or ammonia solution or special washing to dry after use drugs

Bleaches as well as various acids attached
Rinse immediately with ammonia or soda solution soak carbonate, after washing with neutral detergent or warm water

Organic carbide attachment
Soak in a hot neutral detergent or ammonia solution is then washed with a detergent containing weak ground

With alcohol or organic solvents (diethyl ether, benzene), with a soft cloth and then washed with water

Rainbow pattern
Excessive use of detergent or oil caused by washing with warm water and mild detergent

Welding heat discoloration
With 10% nitric acid or hydrofluoric acid, ammonia or washing soda carbonate solution and then with light and handle, and then washed with water. Drugs may also be used for washing

Corrosion caused by surface contaminants
Washed with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergents, drugs or the use of special washing

5 tips you have to know to maintain aluminum sheets


In order to maintain the performance and appearance of aluminum sheet, also prolong the life of aluminum sheet, we are need to carry out regular maintenance of aluminum alloy sheet .now share the conservation Measures of the alloy aluminum sheet to you:

1, aluminum sheet during storage, prohibition together with chemical products and within humid storage.

2, aluminum sheet during transport, use tarpaulin cover, beware of snow intrusion.

3, aluminum sheet storage environment should be dry, bright, airy, non-corrosive climate.

4, aluminum sheet in the handling process, it is necessary to gently, beware bump caused by the appearance of bruising, affect the appearance beautiful.

5, aluminum sheet during storage,we proposed that the samll standard aluminum sheet should be on the shelf , For large standard aluminum sheet the best storage method is use  the bottom with skids ,in order to  separated from the ground, and the ground distance is greater than 10cm.

How to keep your stainless steel sink sparkling

Did you know that handwash can leave marks on your stainless steel sink? Nor did we, until a Which? member tipped us off that stains appeared in his sink after using liquid soap.

So we decided to investigate. Our cleaning expert found that marks are slow to occur and easy to prevent. Read on to find out which soaps carry a warning and how to stop stains from forming.

If you want to know which carpet stain remover, dishwasher detergent and washing-up liquid will cut down on elbow grease and keep your home sparkling, see our Best Buy cleaning products.

Handwash and stainless steel plate
On the back of some soaps’ packaging you’ll find the warning to ‘avoid contact with stainless steel’ in the small print. We found this on Cussons Carex and Palmolive handwashes.

Both soaps are slightly acidic, according to the manufacturers. Marks can occur if acid corrodes the metal slightly. Natural stone sinks (such as marble) can also be marked by these soaps, as the stone contains calcium carbonate – which is sensitive to acid.

However, your hands also have a slightly acidic pH, so soaps which match it are less likely to dry your skin.

72%The percentage of Which? members with a stainless steel sink
Keeping your sink pristine
Any damage to your sink is very slow to occur and easy to prevent. Both manufacturers told us that stains only appear after ‘prolonged contact’ of the soap and the stainless steel or stone sink.

So rinse off any spills of soap thoroughly and immediately to keep your sink looking its best.

If – like 72% of Which? members – you have a stainless steel or stone sink in your home, check the small print on the back of soap packaging the next time you buy. If you’re shopping online, the warning is in the product details.

How To Clean sheet Aluminum Boats

Sheet Aluminum is the most abundant metal that exists on the earth’s crust. Aluminum is a very soft metal and in most cases, it is mixed with another metal so that it becomes a bit more harder and can be used in the manufacture of boats and many other equipments.

Aluminum is usually mixed with metals like magnesium, copper, zinc and even manganese which creates an alloy that is very strong and also durable. Apart from being used for the manufacture of boats, aluminum can also be used to manufacture quite a number of things which include cooking pots, tin cans, electrical works, paints and so many other things. In the manufacture of boats, aluminum is mostly used because it is very light in weight and is very resistant to rust. It is the most suitable metal for the manufacture of boats because of those two properties.

There are a few methods that you can use to clean your aluminum boat so as to maintain the good look of the boat. As we know, aluminum is a rust resistant metal and so you don’t have to worry a lot about the boat rusting but the metal can accumulate a lot of dust and because it may have a motor that helps you move around, there will probably be a coat of grease on the boat that attracts a lot of dust. One method you can use to clean your aluminum boat is to scrub it. It is advisable to use a material that is a bit scratchy so as to properly scrub the boat and leave it sparkling clean. You do not need to use any cleaning agents just soap and water will do the trick.

Another good method of cleaning an aluminum boat is by use of some mild abrasives. A boat made from aluminum may usually change color after a long time of being used without being cleaned. The surface may turn dark brown. The dark brown color is usually associated with rust but we know very well that aluminum does not rust easily. The dark brown color is usually dust and dirt that has accumulated over a long period of time forming a layer of dirt. This kind of dirt cannot be easily cleaned off by just scrubbing. You may need to use a mild cleaning detergent that will help in removing that layer of dirt. First, you need to remove the boat from the water then turn it over.

These kinds of boats are used in fishing and are small is size and relatively light in weight. You will need to use a scratchy pad maybe steel wool to scrub the surface. If you use a mild detergent, it will be easier for you to clean the boat and leave it sparkling clean. Aluminum boats should not be painted because it is very hard to clean a painted surface. You will end up ruining the paint job that was done on the boat and therefore aluminum boats should be left unpainted so that the boat can be cleaned easily.