Blue Titanium Men’s Rings Are the Ultimate Fashion Statement

stainless steel plate
When a man is looking for a new item to add to his wardrobe, he probably isn’t thinking about adding a blue titanium men’s ring. He is more likely to consider a new pair of shoes, a new tie, or a seasonal scarf. Rings, for most men, are for marriage, not decoration. They are too pricey, and otherwise too effeminate to be an everyday fashion staple.

But a blue GR2 titanium plate ring might be just the sort of addition that can take a man’s everyday wardrobe, and put it over the top. The combination of color, finish, feel, weight and subtle masculinity make this a very complex little ring.

Most men are fairly or unfairly opposed to wearing much in the way of jewellery. Jewellery has always been seen as the fashion item of women, with the exception of cuff links, shirt studs, and for the western man, maybe a belt buckle or two (but don’t try to tell him those are considered jewellery!) But a ring can help to pull together an outfit.

Titanium is a great choice to add a subtle flair to a man’s appearance. Titanium is somewhat inexpensive, compared to other metals for ring-making. But despite a lower cost, it doesn’t look cheap. Titanium has a lustre that is equal to other precious and semi-precious metals.

Titanium is also incredibly light in weight, meaning that a bulky or chunky ring is rendered light as a feather, and almost unnoticeable on the finger, even for someone who is unaccustomed to wearing jewellery. It is also an incredibly strong metal, which means that the occasional dings and nicks that a gold ring will pick up in everyday life won’t be a problem with a titanium ring.

There is also the masculinity factor. Titanium is known as the “space age” metal, and is commonly used to build space shuttles and spy planes. Tell me, what could be manlier than a ring made of the same metal as the SR-71 Blackbird? That sort of spy connection, coupled with the icy blue tint of a colored titanium ring, makes this a perfect addition to a man’s wardrobe.

But if a blue titanium men’s ring isn’t your sort of thing, don’t worry. Titanium rings come in a variety of colors, from jet black to vivid greens, oranges and purples. But the blue rings offer the icy cool polish that would be the perfect complement to almost any wardrobe, from the casual comfort of a weekend retreat, to the ultra-refined crispness of the cool confines of the hottest spots.

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