Application of titanium sheet and titanium alloys in the ship



From the actual findings speculated that the ship’s legal life of Ti than steel, aluminum is much the captain, the actual life will be longer.

Titanium ship advantages:

1. Hull light. The density of titanium is 4.5g / cm3, smaller than Fe7.9g / cm3. But with Ti have the same size 2.5mm enough boat, hull made of titanium quality is FRP30%, 10% lighter than aluminum. Since titanium does not need to spray anti-rust paint surface ship, it also eliminates the need for quality coatings.

2. The speed increase. Since the boat light. The same shape of the ship, the ship’s engine than titanium alloy and aluminum alloy boat engines smaller 15%. If you use the same engine, the speed can be increased by 15%. In addition, the ship and the water surface without direct contact with the coating, also reduces the coefficient of friction with the water, thereby increasing the speed of the boat.

3. fuel costs and reduce the amount of CO2 generated. Titanium boats and high speed light weight make the unit mass, a significant decline in unit fuel costs sail away. This is not just sail reduce funding. The prevention has become an international problem of global warming is very effective.

4.The corrosion resistance. Pt in seawater as titanium sheet as corrosion. So we do not need spraying anticorrosive coating. FRP though not rust. Difficult to remove. Corrosive aluminum boat, but also easily attached to marine life, it is difficult to remove. Therefore, FRP boats and Al alloy boat hull and bottom must be coated to prevent corrosion and paint adhesion of marine organisms.

5. Hulk recycling. FRP ship waste difficult to recycle. Waste can be recycled, environmentally friendly.

6. excellent stability. Titanium boat even in bad weather rarely appear vertical and horizontal shake.

7. noise, vibration small. Titanium boat bottom is 2.5mm titanium sheet . Very thin, do not worry about the vibration.



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